FinTrust Income and Opportunity Fund

Dedicated to producing exceptional returns for investors and world shapers by investing in tomorrow, today.

Our Investment Philosophy

The fund seeks to produce equity income,

by investing in companies with superior intellectual property portfolios,

and strong cash flow growth characteristics,

while producing income from option premiums, dividends, and interest.

Intellectual Property Predicts Value

Focus on IP...


Not Just Technology...

Proprietary Intellectual Property

Use Learning Algorithms...

Focus on Cash Flow

Income Matters...


Key Features

  • Focused on intellectual property. We believe intellectual property and intangible assets drive business value, so we seek to invest in companies with strong IP portfolios.
  • Diversification. Intellectual property is not limited to a single sector, so we believe in building a diversified portfolio across economic sectors.
  • Cash flow and risk management. We recognize that regular cash flow streams may help to buffer stormy markets or provide income to investors.  We believe utilizing the listed options markets is a better way to create cash flow streams and control risk than relying solely on dividend paying stocks and bonds.
  • Experienced managers with significant personal investments in the fund.1

1Please see the Fund’s Statement of Additional Information portfolio holdings disclosure.

Portfolio Fit

A Balanced Approached Toward Investing

The fund is designed to address three market challenges faced by investors:

  1. Regular, technology driven disruption of business models
  2. Blue-chip companies that elect to pay only modest dividends or return cash through uncertain buyback activities
  3. Historically low interest rates

We believe the fund is attractive for investors seeking income and capital appreciation from an equity portfolio.

Fund Managers

Allen R. Gillespie, CFA®

David E. Lewis, CFA®