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Top 10 Holdings3, 4

CompanySecurity TypeIndustryPortfolio Weighting
Federated Hermes Govt Obl ISOther-7.36%
United States Treasury BillsOther-7.08%
Alphabet Inc Class CStockInternet Content & Information5.24%
Mereck & Co IncStockDrug Manufacturers - General4.67%
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd ADRStockInternet Retail4.41%
AstraZeneca PLC ADRStockDrug Manufacturers - General4.40%
Brighthouse Financial IncStockInsurance - Life3.65%
United Community Banks Inc 6.875% PRFOtherBanks - Regional3.36%
NICE Ltd ADRStockSoftware - Application3.30%
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals IncStockBiotechnology3.25%
Top Ten Holdings Total46.72%
Other Holdings Total53.28%

AS OF 3/31/2023

GICS Sector Weights3, 4

GICS Sector WeightsPercent of portfolio
Information Technology5.9%
Consumer Discretionary10.0%
Communication Services8.0%
Consumer Staples11.1%
Real Estate0.1%

AS OF 3/31/2023

Asset Allocation3, 4

Asset AllocationNet %

The Fund’s top 10 holdings and sector breakdown are expressed as a percentage of the Fund’s long positions.  These percentages may change over time.

4Industry sector levels are provided from the Global Industry Classification Standard (“GICS”), developed and exclusively owned by MSCI, Inc (“MSCI”) and Standard and Poor’s Financial Services, LLC (“S&P”).  All GICS data is provided “as is” with no warranties.

Generally, data on FinTrust mutual funds is provided by FinTrust Capital Advisors, LLC.  Morningstar ratings and data on non-FinTrust mutual funds is provided by Morningstar, Inc. Although FinTrust Capital Advisors believes the data gathered from these third-party sources is reliable, it does not review such information and cannot warrant it to be accurate, complete or timely. FinTrust Capital Advisors is not responsible for any damages or losses arising from any use of this third-party information.

© 2019 Morningstar, Inc. All rights reserved. The Morningstar information contained herein: (1) is proprietary to Morningstar and/or its content providers; (2) may not be copied or redistributed; and (3) is not warranted to be accurate, complete or timely. Neither Morningstar nor its content providers are responsible for any damages or losses arising from any use of this information. FinTrust Capital Advisors does not review the Morningstar data and, for fund performance, you should check the fund’s current prospectus or other product materials for the most up-to-date information concerning applicable loads, fees and expenses.

AS OF 3/31/2023

Tap into the value of Intellectual Property

The FinTrust Income and Opportunity Fund is designed to address three market challenges faced by investors: regular technology driven disruption of business models, blue-chip companies paying only modest dividends, and historically low interest rates. We understand income matters, and believe the fund is attractive for investors seeking income and capital appreciation from an equity portfolio.

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